Works and Things

bringing the thump.

photo 5
Mike and the Moonpies Touch Of You: The Lost Songs of Gary Stewart 2020 Producer/Engineer/Mixer
Zac Wilkerson Evergreen 2020 Producer/Engineer/Mixer
Mike and the Moonpies & Johnny Bush Say It Simply 2020 Producer/Engineer/Mixer
Jason Boland and the Stragglers Pearn Snaps 20th Anniversary 2020 Mixer
Drew Fish Band Wishful Drinking 2020 Producer/Engineer
Cody Henson Hullinger Fenceline 2020 Mixer
The Golden Roses TBA TBA Producer/Engineer/Mixer
Mike Mancy TBA TBA Mixer
Colter Wall Western Swing And Waltzes TBA Producer/Engineer/Mixer
Rance May TBA TBA Producer/Engineer/Mixer
Zach Marshall TBA TBA Producer/Engineer/Mixer
Coke Hendry TBA TBA Producer/Engineer/Mixer
James Clack TBA TBA Producer/Engineer/Mixer
Brian Milson TBA TBA Mixer
Mike and the Moonpies Cheap Silver And Solid Country Gold 2019 Producer/Engineer/Mixer/Songwriter
Mike and the Moonpies The Way 2019 Producer/Engineer/Mixer
Colter Wall Colter Wall & The Scary Prairie Boys 2019 Engineer/Mixer
Max Stalling Live at the Mucky Duck: Portmanteau 2019 Producer/Engineer/Mixer
Garrett T. Capps All Right, All Night 2019 Producer/Engineer
Season Ammons Neon Side Of Town 2019 Bass
Memphis Kee 6th & San Jacinto 2019 Mixer
Jake Trout and the Ball Washers I’m Gonna Miss Johnny Miller 2019 Mixer
Mike and the Moonpies Steak Night At The Prairie Rose 2018 Producer/Engineer/Mixer
Jason Boland and the Stragglers Hard Times Are Relative 2018 Producer/Engineer/Mixer
Josh Grider Good People 2018 Mixer
Rob Brooks Band Powder 2018 Producer/Engineer/Mixer
Brandon Jenkins Tail Lights In A Boomtown 2018 Mastering
The Wide Open Long Road Home 2018 Mastering
No Dry County Panhandle Music 2018 Producer/Engineer/Mixer
Drake Hayes Life 2018 Producer/Engineer/Mixer/Bass
Garrett Ford Woke Up In Waco 2018 Producer/Engineer/Mixer
Comanche Moon Country Music Deathstar 2018 Engineer/Mixer/Bass
Chad And Wade Three Days In Wimberley 2018 Producer/Engineer/Mixer
Isaac Jacob Band Isaac Jacob Band 2018 Bass
Dan Johnson Hemingway 2018 Producer/Engineer
“Texas Cotton” Soundtrack Texas Cotton 2018 Producer/Engineer/Mixer
Mike and the Moonpies & John Baumann Country Music’s Dead 2017 Producer/Engineer/Mixer/Songwriter
Forty Thieves Neon Mountain 2017 Producer/Engineer/Mixer
Texas Music Choir Faith In The Water 2017 Engineer/Mixer
Kyle Hutton and Radney Foster The Foster EP 2017 Mixer
Drake Hayes Nowhere, Texas-Single 2017 Producer/Engineer/Mixer
Drake Hayes Grow Old With You-Single 2017 Producer/Engineer/Mixer/Bass
Cowboy Rindler Moving On 2017 Producer/Engineer/Mixer/Bass
Matt & The Herdsmen Small Town Stories 2017 Mastering
River Barons Victims And Villians 2017 Mastering
The Numinous Procession 2017 Mixer
DocFell & Co Dust Bowl Heart 2017 Mastering
Jordan Lee And The Revelry Jordan Lee And The Revelry 2017 Mastering
Ragland! Wimberley 2017 Mastering
Saints Analogue TBA TBA Producer/Engineer/Mixer/Bass/Songwriter
The Blue Grooves TBA TBA Mastering
Johnny Fury TBA TBA Mastering
Dan Patterson TBA TBA Engineer
Shaws Of Awe TBA TBA Mastering
PussyPOV Podcast Podcast 2017 Engineer
BadTruth Podcast Podcast 2016 Co-Host/Engineer
To Avoid Fainting “Horror Huddle” Webcast 2016 Engineer
Saints Analogue Three 2016 Producer/Engineer/Mixer/Bass/Songwriter/Vocals
Mike and the Moonpies Live at Winstar 2016 Engineer/Mixer
Gus Samuelson Bottomland 2016 Producer/Engineer/Mixer
Dub Miller The Midnight Ambassador 2016 Producer/Engineer/Mixer/Bass
Drew Fish Band Treat You Right 2016 Producer/Engineer/Mixer
Isaac Jacob Band The Dream 2016 Bass/Mastering
Saints Analogue Fairytale of New York 2016 Producer/Engineer/Mixer/Bass
Sam Williams Looking For What’s Coming 2016 Mixer
The Strayhearts The Strayhearts 2016 Producer/Engineer/Mixer
Drake Hayes The One 2016 Producer/Engineer/Mixer/Bass
Trey Lee Trey Lee 2016 Engineer/Mixer
J Meridian w/Saints Analogue Please Come Home For Christmas-Single 2016 Bass/Mastering
Dan Patterson My Own Best Enemy 2016 Bass/Mastering
Captain Legendary Band Lifetime 2016 Engineer/Mixer
Charles Bradley Spotify Sessions 2016 Mixer
Kasey Musgraves Spotify Sessions 2016 Mixer
Kevin Garrett Spotify Sessions 2016 Mixer
Public Access TV Spotify Sessions 2016 Mixer
White Reaper Spotify Sessions 2016 Mixer
The Warhorses The Warhorses 2016 Mastering
Brandon Jenkins The Flag 2016 Mastering/Vocals
Statesboro Revue Run Run Rudolph TBA Mastering
AJ Lopez TBA TBA Producer/Engineer/Mixer/Bass
Monte Luna TBA TBA Engineer/Mixer
Kevin Mayse TBA TBA Bass/Mastering
The Tiptons TBA TBA Mastering
Joseph TBA TBA Mixing
Willie Nelson TBA TBA Mixing
Snaphook TBA TBA Mastering
Ravenna Sun TBA TBA Producer/Engineer
Saints Analogue Two 2015 Producer/Engineer/Mixer/Bass/Songwriter
Gus Samuelson Muddy Water 2015 Producer/Engineer/Mixer/Bass
Monty Byrom 100 Miles South of Eden 2015 Engineer
Saints Analogue Ace 2015 Producer/Engineer/Mixer/Bass/Songwriter
Dub Miller Lost/Live 2015 Producer/Engineer/Mixer
Ted Z & The Wranglers Ghost Train 2015 Engineer/Mixer
Rabid Young EP 1 2015 Mixer
Scooter Brown Band Scooter Brown Band 2015 Engineer
Brandon Jenkins Blue Bandana 2015 Mastering/Accordion
Micky and the Motorcars Across The Pond (Live in Germany) 2015 Mixer
Adam Norrie Pros and Cons 2015 Engineer/Mixer/Bass
Dix Hat Band Red Dime 2015 Producer/Engineer/Mixer/Accordion
Statesboro Revue JukeHouse Revival 2015 Mixer
Josh Grider Brokedown 2015 Engineer/Mixer
Run the Jewels Spotify Sessions 2015 Mixer
Houndmouth Spotify Sessions 2015 Mixer
Cold Steel Revolver Cold Steel Revolver 2015 Mastering
Doug Moreland Bring Back The Swing 2015 Mixer
Airport Blvd Airport Blvd 2015 Producer/Engineer/Mixer/Bass
Charlie Montague Gypsy II 2015 Engineer/Mixer/Bass/Songwriter
Pear Ratz Cinco de Psycho 2015 Producer/Engineer/Mixer
Renn Lorenn TBA TBA Bass
Matt Cline TBA TBA Engineer
Charlie Montague TBA TBA Engineer/Mixer/Bass/Songwriter
Big Money Gators TBA TBA Engineer/Mixer
Real Estate Live at Spotify SXSW 2014 Engineer/Mixer
Mutual Benefit Live at Spotify SXSW 2014 Mixer
Vance Joy Live at Spotify SXSW 2014 Engineer/Mixer
Snoop Dogg and 7 Days of Funk Live at Spotify SXSW 2014 Engineer/Mixer
Streets of Laredo Live at Spotify SXSW 2014 Engineer/Mixer
Betty Who Live at Spotify SXSW 2014 Mixer
Shakey Graves Live at Spotify SXSW 2014 Mixer
Charlie Montague Gypsy 2014 Mixer/Bass
Captain Legendary Band Singles 2014 Engineer/Mixer
Midnight River Choir Fresh Air 2014 Engineer
Randy Rogers Band Homemade Tamales 2014 Engineer
The Washers Everything At Once 2014 Producer/Engineer/Mixer/Keys
Matt Easley Eleven 2014 Producer/Engineer/Mixer/Bass
Drew Fish Band Playin’ With a Flame 2014 Producer/Engineer/Mixer
Foxmoor Express Foxmoor Express 2014 Engineer/Mixer
Claire Domingue The Shapes of Sounds 2014 Mixer/Bass
Meganaut more…better…Meganaut Vol. 2 2013 Engineer/Mixer
Brandon Jenkins Through The Fire 2013 Mixer
The Hunt Brothers Corpus Christi Blues Single 2013 Engineer/Mixer
Various Artists Townes Van Zandt Tribute TBA Engineer/Mixer
Reckless Kelly All Aboard 2012 Engineer/Mixer
Jon Chops Richardson Sticks & Stones 2013 Engineer/Mixer/Bass
Mark Allan Atwood Alive and Well 2013 Producer/Engineer/Mixer
The Departed Adventus 2012 Producer/Engineer
Captain Legendary Band Live at the Firehouse Saloon 2013 Engineer/Mixer
Britt Lloyd Band Conglomeration 2013 Mixer
Possum Posse Let’s Ride, Boys 2013 Engineer/Mixer
Ray Johnson Band Bye Bye City Lights Single 2013 Mixer
Sydney Sprague TBA TBA Bass
Jenny Martinez Simple Things 2013 Engineer/Mixer/Bass
Scott Taylor Band TBA TBA Engineer
StoneCringe Family Singers Singing Christmas Songs 2011 Producer/Engineer/Mixer/Instruments/Writer
Most Thieves TBA TBA Mixer
Mark Allan Atwood Burned at the Crossroads 2012 Producer/Engineer/Mixer
Richie Albright Kickin’ Down the Doors 2012 Engineer/Mixer
John D. Hale More Than I Can Handle 2012 Engineer/Mixer
Peter Black Head Many Hands 2012 Engineer
Pear Ratz Still Hungry, Still Hurtin’ 2012 Engineer/Mixer
Courtney Patton Triggering a Flood 2013 Bass
Cyrus James Molly and the Devil 2012 Bass
Ben Schane Old Song 2011 Producer/Engineer/Mixer/Instruments
Washers Tired Eyes 2012 Producer/Engineer/Mixer/Accordion
Bart Crow Acoustic EP 2012 Producer/Engineer/Mixer
Fast Betty Head Games 2012 Engineer/Mixer
Mike Kelly Close to You Single TBA Producer/Mixer/Bass
Court Yard Hounds TBA TBA Engineer
Pinetop Perkins TBA TBA Engineer
Cory Morrow Single 2011 Engineer/Mixer
Kevin Aldridge The Viper Sessions 2012 Engineer/Mixer/Bass
Matt McCloskey Hard Rains 2011 Bass
Ben Harper Give Till It’s Gone 2011 Engineer
Court Yard Hounds Then Again-Single 2010 Engineer/Mixer
Cody Canada & The Departed This is Indian Land 2011 Producer/Engineer
Midnight River Choir Welcome to Delirium? 2011 Producer/Engineer/Mixer
Caroline’s Spine Do U Remember When? 2011 Mixer/Bass
Bart Crow Brewster Street Live 2011 Producer/Engineer/Mixer
Jason Boland and the Stragglers Rancho Alto 2011 Additonal Engineer
Brian Coy Pieces 2011 Engineer/Mixer/Bass
The Orbans When We Were Wild 2010 Engineer
Eleven Bones Four Day March 2010 Producer/Engineer/Mixer/Bass/Keys/Songwriting
Court Yard Hounds Court Yard Hounds 2010 Engineer
Atteberry Station TBA TBA Engineer/Mixer
Carl Goldner TBA TBA Producer/Engineer/Mixer/Bass
Landon Shill TBA TBA Mixer
Aaron Watson Road & the Rodeo 2010 Engineer
Raul Malo Sinners & Saints 2010 Assistant Engineer
Cory Morrow Brand New Me 2010 Engineer
Brian Keane 90 Miles an Hour 2010 Mixer
Max Stalling Home to You 2010 Accordion
Jarrod Birmingham Jesus and Johnny Cash 2010 Engineer/Mixer
Jason Boland and the Stragglers High in the Rockies 2010 Mastering
Johnny Gimble Celebrating with Friends 2010 Engineer
Reckless Kelly Somewhere in Time 2010 Engineer/Mixer
Rob Baird Blue Eyed Angels 2010 Mixer
Mike Ethan Messick The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday 2010 Producer/Engineer/Mixer/Bass/Keys
Trey Lee TBA TBA Engineer/Mixer/Bass
Captain Legendary Band Smoking Barrel 2010 Engineer/Mixer
Pear Ratz Rat Outta Hell 2010 Engineer/Mixer
Esteban Wear the Black 2010 Mixer
Micky and the Motorcars Live at Billy Bob’s 2009 Engineer/Mixer
Aaron Watson Deep in the Heart of Texas 2009 Engineer
Scott Taylor Band One 2009 Engineer/Mixer
James Hand Shadow on the Ground 2009 Engineer
Cross Canadian Ragweed Happiness and All the Other Things 2009 Bonus Disc Mixer
Jack Ingram Big Dreams & High Hopes 2009 Engineer
Willie Nelson & Asleep at the Wheel Willie & the Wheel 2009 Engineer/Mixer
Brian Houser Sold Out 2009 Engineer/Mixer
Highspeed Hayride Highspeed Hayride 2009 Engineer/Mixer
Kyle Park Anywhere in Texas 2009 Engineer/Mixer
Micky and the Motorcars Naïve 2009 Engineer/Mixer
Matt Skinner Live at StoneCringe, Vol. 1 2009 Producer/Engineer/Mixer/Bass
Bandslam Official Soundtrack 2009 Engineer
Reckless Kelly Bulletproof 2009 Mixer/Editor
Carolyn Wonderland MissUnderstood 2008 Engineer/Mixer
Britt Lloyd The Ink 2008 Producer/Engineer/Mixer/Keys
Ben Schane Antique Noises 2008 Engineer/Mixer
Chatterton The Cold Open 2008 Mixer
Honeybrowne Mile by Mile 2008 Engineer
Cory Morrow Vagrants & Kings 2008 Engineer
Mike McClure Foam 2008 Songwriter
Aaron Watson Angels & Outlaws 2008 Engineer/Mixer
Paul Eason Mountains of Nuevo Leon 2008 Mixer
Cross Canadian Ragweed Mission California 2007 Engineer
Darren Kozelsky Let Your Mind Fly 2007 Engineer
Max Stalling Sell Out: Live at Dan’s Silverleaf 2007 Engineer/Mixer
Johnny Cooper Ignition 2007 Engineer
Cody Gill Band Boxcars 2007 Engineer
Full Throttle Drive 2007 Producer/Engineer/Mixer
Kyle Park Big Time 2007 Engineer/Mixer
Micky and the Motorcars Careless 2007 Engineer/Mixer
Terri Hendrix Spiritual Kind 2007 Accordion
Eli Young Band Live at the Jolly Fox 2006 Engineer
Blacktop Gypsy Blacktop Gypsy 2006 Engineer
Doug Moreland Doug Moreland 2006 Mixer
Ryan Bales Band Revival 2006 Producer/Engineer/Mixer
Jason Boland Why the Hell Not: The Songs of Kinky Friedman 2006 Engineer/Mixer
Matt Skinner The Nighthawk Affair 2006 Producer/Engineer/Mixer/Bass
Mike Sanford Travelin’ Soles 2006 Engineer/Mixer
Randy Rogers Band Just a Matter of Time 2006 Engineer
Reckless Kelly Reckless Kelly Was Here 2006 Engineer/Mixer/Consultant
Reckless Kelly Sail Away: The Songs of Randy Newman 2006 Engineer/Mixer
Powell St. John Right Track Now 2006 Engineer
Bob Childers Ride for the Cimarron 2006 Engineer/Mixer
McKay Brothers Cold Beer & Hot Tamales 2006 Engineer
Mark David Manders Cannonball 2006 Engineer
Cross Canadian Ragweed Garage 2005 Engineer
Britt Lloyd Unlabelled 2005 Producer/Engineer/Mixer
South Austin Jug Band Dark and Weary World 2005 Engineer/Mixer
Cory Morrow Nothing Left to Hide 2005 Engineer/Keys
Two Tons of Steel Vegas 2005 Engineer
Adam Carroll Far Away Blues 2005 Organ
Aaron Watson Live at the Texas Hall of Fame 2005 Engineer/Mixer
Bill Pekar On A Country Road 2005 Engineer/Mixer
Shawn Colvin Polaroids 2004 Engineer
Mark Murphey That’s Who I Am 2004 Engineer
Eddie From Ohio This is Me 2004 Engineer
Phil Pritchett Cool & Unusual Punishment 2004 Engineer/Mixer
Wayne Hancock Tulsa 2004 Engineer/Mixer
Johnsmith Kickin’ This Stone 2004 Engineer
Jason Boland and the Stragglers Somewhere in the Middle 2004 Engineer
Roger Creager Live Across Texas 2004 Engineer/Mixer
Randy Rogers Band Rollercoaster 2004 Engineer
Redd Volkaert For the Ladies 2004 Engineer/Mixer
Terri Hendrix Art of Removing Wallpaper 2004 Engineer
Michael Kindred Handstand 2004 Engineer/Mixer
South Austin Jug Band South Austin Jug Band 2004 Engineer/Mixer
Nancy McCallion Nancy McCallion 2004 Mixer
Josh Grider Band Josh Grider Band 2004 Engineer/Mixer
Brian Houser Simple Lives 2004 Engineer
Dixie Chicks Top of the World: Live 2003 Assistant Engineer
Two Tons of Steel Transparent 2003 Engineer
Hot Club of Cowtown Continental Stomp 2003 Engineer
Austin Lounge Lizards Strange Noises in the Dark 2003 Engineer
Roger Creager Long Way to Mexico 2003 Engineer/Accordion
Patty Griffin Remembering Patsy Cline 2003 Engineer
Wayne Hancock Swing Time 2003 Engineer
Bob Livingston Mahatma Gandhi and Sitting Bull 2003 Engineer
Susan Gibson Chin Up 2003 Producer/Engineer/Mixer
Dead End Angels November 2003 Engineer/Mixer
Luke Olson Uvalde 2003 Engineer
Kevin Deal Lawless 2003 Engineer
James McMurtry Saint Mary of the Woods 2002 Engineer
Dixie Chicks Home 2002 Engineer
Randy Rogers Band Like it Used to Be 2002 Engineer
Doug Moreland # Fore! 2002 Producer/Engineer/Mixer
Dub Miller Post Country 2002 Producer/Engineer/Mixer
Django Walker Down the Road 2002 Engineer
Wayne Hancock A-Town Blues 2002 Engineer
Pat Green Three Days 2002 Engineer
Cory Morrow Outside the Lines 2002 Engineer/Mixer
Mark David Manders Highs and Lows 2002 Engineer/Accordion
Highway 6 Band Fightin’ Texas Aggie: Live 2002 Engineer/Mixer
Doug Moreland Live: Number Tres 2001 Producer/Engineer/Mixer/Bass
Ben Atkins Small Town Things 2001 Engineer
Shawn Colvin Whole New You 2001 Engineer
Redd Volkaert No Stranger to a Tele 2001 Engineer/Mixer
Jimmy LaFave Texoma 2001 Engineer
Cory Morrow Double Exposure: Live 2001 Engineer
Pat Green Carry On 2001 Engineer
Pat Green/Cory Morrow Songs We Wish We’d Written 2001 Engineer
Kevin Deal Kiss on the Breeze 2001 Assistant Engineer
Joe Pat Hennen Brand New Day 2001 Assistant Engineer
Larry Joe Taylor Heart of the Matter 2001 Engineer/Bass
Roger Creager I Got the Guns 2001 Engineer
Bad Livers Blood and Mood 2000 Assistant Engineer
Jason Boland and the Stragglers Pearl Snaps 2000 Assistant Engineer
Dub Miller American Troubadour 2000 Bass

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  1. markmurphey says:

    You forgot me Adam….. Lol, I think it was 03 … One of those even made Billboard. I worked Ben Atkins session and I did a couple others down there , you were always a pleasure to work with!!!

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