Big E.

there’s an Elvis story for everyone.  and i love them all.  he made music from his soul.  he was told his music was terrible and yet he still made it.  from a deeply buried desperation he pioneered a music that changed the world.

and at four-years-old my short-lived search for a career was over.  i was going to make rock and roll.

in 1982 i watched Elvis Presley perform on stage.

but wait, what?  huh?  uh……

one night i was told to come into the den.  a screen was set up and two chairs were on either side of the projector.  as i sat down with a glass of milk Dad turned off the lights and started a record player.  Elvis:  As Recorded Live on Stage in Memphis began and suddenly, right there in front of me, a man in a white-sequined jumpsuit began winking, kicking, kissing, chopping his way through the hearts of every single person in this crowd.  i was among them.  it didn’t matter that the music i was hearing wasn’t the music being played on the screen.  it was the same performer.  it was the same band.  it was magic.  all caught on an 8 mm camera my father snuck into an Elvis concert.

nothing was the same again.  i couldn’t get enough of Dad’s Elvis albums.  i wanted to watch that concert over and over.  fast-forward 16 years and i’m head-engineer at Cedar Creek Recording working on the same console that recorded the live album that started my journey.

Jamming on the Elvis Neve!

remember the man today.  i’m going to listen to what i consider the most soulful vocal performance ever captured.  the end of this song gives me chills every time.  from the ’68 Comeback Special, “If I Can Dream.”

About adamjodor

I record. I produce. It's analog. I jump through stages with a Thunderbird (sometimes a P-Bass). I like good Thai food. I love Stacey.
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2 Responses to Big E.

  1. Jodi says:

    Isn’t the power of music amazing? How one artist or song can transform us-alter the direction of our lives. I think very few people can point to one moment in their life that changed them and directed them so significantly. You are lucky.

  2. Never really “got” Elvis till I went to Graceland. Pretty speechless after that….

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