The Pugilist At 59

Matt Skinner was the first person to turn me on to Tom Russell.  i hadn’t a clue who he was and Matt and i were running around Steamboat Springs a few years back prepping for another MusicFest.  as these stories started filling the cab of his chevy, Matt told me about this songwriter who became one of his main influences.  then he popped in “Love and Fear,” and the first tune came to life in my mind.

here you have it.  living.  aging.  not complaining.  not reminiscing.  just surviving.  surviving with that hunger.  that need.  i have that.  as i get older, i find that the hunger grows.  that will to do something.  not to lie down and wait, but to live every day.  this song embodies that lust.

get it here.

About adamjodor

I record. I produce. It's analog. I jump through stages with a Thunderbird (sometimes a P-Bass). I like good Thai food. I love Stacey.
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