No Way Out

to say i’m a fan of Mike Ethan Messick is an understatement.  i hang on every word he sings.  i engage myself in every tale.  he writes every song for me.  at least that’s what he makes me think.

No Way Out floors me.  i’m every character in each verse.  i don’t talk to the girl.  i don’t get on the boat.  my song is never heard.  each verse brings up old feelings.  hurt.  guilt.  fear.

and yet, it’s inspiring.  drawing you to take the risk.  to give the world what you have.  to leave your blood, sweat and tears on the mat.  to live your life.

you can decide for yourself.  i’m partial.  if you don’t have it, get it here.

About adamjodor

I record. I produce. It's analog. I jump through stages with a Thunderbird (sometimes a P-Bass). I like good Thai food. I love Stacey.
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