the word less written

i do not remember a time i wasn’t writing music.  even when my father showed me my first bass line, i was twisting it around into something that appealed to me.  melody just made sense.  but it wasn’t until about 15 years later that someone made me write a lyric with him.  Mike McClure had a little guitar riff and a hook line.  in no time we wrote “Fool’s Holiday” (here’s 11 Bones performing it during a MusicFog SXSW showcase).

Mike opened up a whole world to me.  letting my soul out in a new way.  we wrote a few more tunes together and i even found other people that wanted to write with me, birthing more tunes which are floating out there somewhere in cyberspace.  then for no reason what-so-ever, i shut it off.  fear?  pain?  hate?  greed?  yes.  yes to all of those questions and more.  writing wasn’t for me.  i’d never be good enough.  no one would like it.  go back to doing what you know.  why should i even try?

because it’s me.  it’s who i am.  i have a voice.  i have something to say.

i made the decision to shut my ego down.  the bigger the ego, the more you are held back.  i had to let it go.  move into my own life, not my pride’s.

i’m about to start posting new music and poetry.  writings, ramblings, nonsense and all-sense.  putting it out there in all it’s honesty.  this will be it’s first home before i send it out to the rest of the world.  a place for my friends and loved ones to get it before anyone else.

take a deep breath.  open your mouth.  do you have something to say?

About adamjodor

I record. I produce. It's analog. I jump through stages with a Thunderbird (sometimes a P-Bass). I like good Thai food. I love Stacey.
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4 Responses to the word less written

  1. MJ says:

    You have always had your own way of seeing the world and your words and subsequent lyrics are so captivating and honest and different. I’m so happy you’re facing this thing that silenced you…you have so many important stories to tell us.

  2. Mac says:

    You really should keep on writing. You are damn good at it. I still remember
    having the band run through the song out in the main room one more time so we could go over that lick again. Haha.

    COOL version of F.H. by the way.

    Let that stuff out man.

    much love and respect,

  3. Rube says:

    The musical world is a much better place because of you…keep sharing that light, it’s loaded with integrity and love.

    I’m lucky to share the clef with you.


  4. chrisck says:


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